Elliott-Clark Communications
Elliott-Clark Communications


Chrysler Canada approached ECCOM to assist them with media relations and helping to build up brand awareness of the “New Chrysler” and their onslaught of new product including the launch of the Fiat brand in Canada. To date Chryslers news coverage has exceeded expectations.

When Honda Canada asked ECCOM to develop nontraditional programs/approaches to generate ongoing interest and sustain the momentum the CR-Z achieved with its product launch, ECCOM developed a menu of options (regional events with a digital media component) to ensure consumers and social media sites would take notice. ECCOM focused immediate attention on giving the CR-Z celebrity status at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and creating a social media buzz that would keep the CR-Z front and centre with the demographic Honda is targeting. Click here for event slide show...

BMW recently asked ECCOM to come up a plan to ignite interest in a consumer contest that had recently been launched on Facebook. ECCOM developed a social media strategy with an event that doubled contest participation. Click here for event slde show...

Successful Launch of the Infiniti luxury brand in Canada. Developed partnerships with other established lifestyle luxury brands (hotels, consumer products, etc) to generate a familiarity and acceptance in the marketplace;

Spearheaded Mitsubishi’s corporate and product communications and media launch programs from 2005-2010. Our turnkey communications programs doubled Mitsubishi’s media coverage and produced a return on investment of 20-to-1 (measured in equivalent advertising dollars);

After five years of managing Mitsubishi communications, we were able to achieve major and integral improvement in brand recognition and coverage of Mitsubishi in Canada. The results: From 2005 to 2009, Mitsubishi Motors Sales of Canada media coverage doubled, and in 2009 the company reported a 39 percent increase in media coverage over 2008. The total ad value of media coverage for 2009 was $18.65 million;

In addition, the caliber of media coverage went from negative and focused on whether Mitsubishi would survive as a viable brand in the Canadian market to a positive rating of better than 99-percent on an ongoing and extended, multi-year basis;

Secured 7 prestigious consumer product awards for Mitsubishi between 2008-2010;

Lifford Wine Agency approached ECCOM to promote their extensive portfolio of wines and spirits to the Lifestyle and Social Media outlets. Several campaigns garnered extensive coverage of Lifford’s upscale brands such as Santa Margherita, Frescobaldi, Bowmore, Francis Ford Coppola etc.

Initiated and supported all media relations activities for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics with Humanitarian organization Right To Play & Mitsubishi (worked with Canadian retailer Roots to increase public awareness outside the Olympic Village);

Following the Olympics, developed a media tour to increase awareness of the 2010 retail sales program for Mitsubishi with Olympic Athlete Clara Hughes (generated 1.5 million dollars for RTP and gained considerable media exposure for Mitsubishi);

Launched Melitta Coffee rebranding campaign across Canada.  Included full media tour and tasting sessions with media outlets.  Launched their One-To-One Coffee makers to the media resulting in new product coverage in many consumer magazines and outlets across the country.

Development of corporate and product communications initiatives for Nissan Canada (from the beginning of its Revival Plan in 1998 to its premier status in 2005).  Successfully communicated a changing brand to Canada’s top business writers through key message points and  face time with Nissan/Renault President & CEO Carlos Ghosn;

Launch of “Snug Kids Canada” a child seat safety program designed to improve child safety by ensuring the right seat is chosen for every vehicle.  This also included the development of a Child Safety Seat Fit Guide and video (set a new standard for the industry);