Elliott-Clark Communications
Elliott-Clark Communications



Founded by Susan Elliott in 1989, EC Communications (ECCOM) is a full service public relations, marketing and communications company with a national team of experienced, senior, public relations professionals, specializing in all areas of communications and brand reputation building. ECCOM has national and bilingual capabilities with senior consultants based in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

ECCOM is a privately held company, fully owned by its founder and principal, Susan Elliott. The company has deep expertise in all areas of communications and events, and takes pride in delivering the right type of messages and initiatives to the right audiences, in ways that drive awareness, presence and purchase.


We believe that no matter how sophisticated our technology tools may be or how complex the global economy becomes, our business of public relations still comes down to important fundamental elements. It is about face-to-face relationships. It is about making and keeping promises.  It is about character and integrity.

We have a reputation for being professional, reliable, honest and straightforward.  Our dedicated team has worked together for many years – we operate in a very efficient manner that comes from our years of experience working together. Our varied skills complement each other, making us adaptable, proactive and able to turn on a dime in order to meet objectives and make a plan work.

Our track record is based on experience, success, and delivering results based on our exceptional relationships with the media and our full understanding of, and connections within, various industries.  It is about understanding who the right audience is for the message we have to deliver.